Tire City Clay Camp


Summer Camp!

Tire City Potters is proud to announce we will be hosting a summer camp this upcoming 2019 season. We will offer half and full day camp cycles for a 5 day camp. Aspiring potters, kids who love to create, build and get messy from ages 9-15 are invited to come learn about the ceramic process and various techniques to manipulate clay. Children attending need to be able to respond to instruction and be mindful of safety precautions given (Liability form will be provided). Our camp will feature an appropriate number of activities for half day campers and full day campers. The campers will learn how to prep clay, coil build, slab build and sculpt. As well as how to use the potters wheel, glaze, and even be a part of the firing process! See itinerary below. We ask that parents bring their children in clothes/shoes that can get messy. Also, please pack your little camper snacks, lunch, and water to stay hydrated.


Important information!

There will be a $45 deposit for every camper and the additional amount of campers fee will be expected the first day of camp. Sign up and payment link is located below.


Half Day Pricing/Schedule: Full Day Pricing/Schedule:

$275 $500

9am-1pm 9am-5pm

Monday- Clay Prep, Studio Safety, Building Exercises

Tuesday- Coil and Slab Building Workshop

Wednesday- Wheel Throwing, Continue Slab/Coil Building

Thursday- Finish Wheel Work, Continue Slab/Coil Building

Friday- Finishing All Projects, Scavenger Hunt


Week 1 May 27th- May 31st

Week 2 June 3rd- June 7th

Week 3 June 17th- June 21st

Week 4 June 24th- June 28th

Week 5 July 8th - July 12th

Week 6 July 15th- July 19th

Glazing Days will be provided to finish campers work. Clay pieces must be properly dried, fired and washed before glazing. We will provide 4 total glazing days that any camper may attend.

June 22nd, July 27th and August 1st

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries by calling 706 294 3871